“If you’re looking for a cute and novel way to get in shape using your smartphone or tablet, it will be difficult to find a game more engaging than Burn Your Fat With Me.” ? Pocket Gamer
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The 4th Year Anniversary Update!!
BYFWM V5 now on sale! Don't miss it!


Introducing the 4th Year Anniversary Series! BYFWM! V5.0(2015/12/16)

We have launched the BYFWM V4.5.(2015/8/3)

We have released the information in V4.5.(2015/7/24)

We started the launch of BYFWM official LINE stickers.(2015/5/26)

We posted an interview article of Sana Yamada role Yuka Otsubo.(2015/2/22)

We posted the information of V4.0.(2014/11/14)

Wait, what’s Burn your fat with me!!?

The world’s first “moevation” fitness app!

Burn your fat with me!! uses the Japanese visual novel platform to provide players with the motivation to work out through “moe”, a Japanese term describing that special, heart-melting feeling you get when you see an adorable female character. We call it moevation.

After all, what better way to stay motivated than the support of a cute girl?

Break a sweat or break up

Players train in real life with the help of childhood friend Mayu Uehara, and progress the story by clearing preset “trials” like performing 50 sit-ups in three minutes. As the story advances you become closer with Mayu, but the trials become more demanding. Clearing the story may take several months of training, but stick with it and you’ll have something to show for in the real world as well!

What’s in it?

Story Mode

Featuring 23 episodes and over 1000 fully-voiced lines, Story Mode is divided into episodes that follow your relationship with Mayu as she continues to push you further in your training. Each episode contains a “trial” that must be cleared to advance the story, each trial being more challenging than the last.

Training Mode

It is important that you train regularly if you want to be able to clear some of the more difficult trials. In Training Mode Mayu appears to count your repetitions and occasionally cheer you on with words of encouragement.

Using training mode will also earn you Moevation Points, which can be used to unlock bonus or downloadable content such as new episodes.




Strengthen your abdominal muscles. Keep count using the movement sensor or by tapping the screen. This training is available when you start the game.



Strengthen your triceps (upper arms) and chest muscles. Keep count using the movement sensor or by tapping the screen.
Note: Push-up add-on is required to unlock this training.



Strengthen your thights, quadriceps and buttocks. Keep count using the movement sensor or by tapping the screen.
Note: Squat add-on is required to unlock this training.

Back Extensions


Strengthen your back muscles. This exercise is ideal for increasing your basal metabolism by increasing muscle strength, and correcting posture. Keep count using the movement sensor or by tapping the screen. Note: Back Extentions add-on is required to unlock this training.

Who’s in it?

Mayu Uehara

~ voiced by ~

Rina “Mizura” Adachi


Your childhood friend, estranged after you moved during grade school. The two of you are reunited after being placed in the same homeroom class during your 2nd year of high school. She’s quick to overreact and gets jealous even quicker. She enjoys watching sports teams practice after school, though she doesn’t belong to any clubs herself.

Yuki Hashio

~ voiced by ~

Apphia Yu


A first-year student at your school. Despite her girlish appearance, she is a tomboy at heart and her assertive, outspoken and often cynical manner tends to intimidate those around her. She belongs to the track and field club and enjoys playing video games.

Marika Kugawa

~ voiced by ~

Amber Lee Connors


A third-year student and one of the most recognized names at your school. Class president and member of the school’s gymnastics club, she has excellent reflexes and does very well academically, though you’d do well not to mention her short stature. She’s soft-spoken and a bit of an airhead, but pulls through when the situation demands it.

Sana Yamada

~ voiced by ~

Amanda Lee


Your classmate. She may look unwell all the time but she's really only hungry. She despises the act of eating and is always grumpy during lunch. Her special training menu, dubbed the Sadistic Back Extensions are a killer.

Erika Minagawa

~ voiced by ~

Sora Tokui


Mayu's colleague at the family restaurant where she works part-time. Her fashion sense may make her look like a 'gyaru' but contrary to her appearance she is a very mature and reliable colleague. She may seem like a strong character but is actually quite feminine... Her interests are fashion, window shopping and the like.

Sakura Tsuzuki

~ voiced by ~

Tomoyo Kurosawa


A girl born with a frail body that the protagonist meets at a hardcore diet and exercise camp. She’s very motivated to strengthen her weak body, but to no avail… yet.*She enjoys reading literature, long walks, and star watching

Frequently Asked Questions

What languages are available?

The iOS version will contain English and Japanese. Due to space constraints, the Android version contains English voices only. Currently, neither Nensho! nor Burn your fat with me!! contain Japanese with English subtitles, though we’re considering adding them in a future update. But please give the English localization a chance! We promise you won’t be disappointed!

Why does Yuki keep calling me “senpai”?

“Senpai” is a Japanese term that can roughly be translated as “one’s senior” and is used in when speaking to someone of higher social status in a group. In this case, the player is a grade ahead of Yuki and therefore her senior.

How do I increase the number of reps in Timed Training Mode?

The max number of reps in Timed Training Mode are restricted to the highest number of reps completed during story mode. For example, clearing the 20 rep goal in Episode 2 will allow you raise the max number of target reps in Timed Training Mode from 10 to 20. This restriction is in place to prevent players from spamming reps to earn Moevation Points. There is no rep restriction for Free Training Mode.

How do I get more Moevation Points?

Tempo is key! Taking a rest in the middle of your workout will net you fewer points than if you keep a steady pace; try and aim for one rep every 2?3 seconds. Training for consecutive days will also increase your overall points per workout. Finally, you can score bonus Moevation Points by posting your training results to Twitter.

Why can't I hear the voice for the Continuous Training episodes?

Continuous Training episodes are only partly voiced.

Why can't I continue to read the Continuous Training episodes?

To unlock the episodes you earn Moevation Points by training with Erika as your partner.

Who made it?


Planning/Scripting/Direction/Production figma
Character Design/Event Graphic Art Michiru Onodera
Graphic Design Rira Kisshou
  Anna Hashimoto
Programming Mikihisa
UI Design figma
Scripting (v1.5 Additional Ep) Seiya Suganuma
Scripting (v4.5 Continuous Support Ep Vol.1) Kaito Seta
Assistant Planner Seara
Background Art (v2.0 Push-up Ep) Kimagure After
PV Theme Song “Yutori Adventure” Trail & Error
Localization Steven Simonitch
  Emong Zheng
Amber Lee Connors
Educational Contents Network
Planning and Production Creative Freaks


Mayu Uehara Rina “Mizura” Adachi
Yuki Hashio Apphia Yu
Marika Kugawa Amber Lee Connors
Sana Yamada Amanda Lee
Erika Minagawa Sora Tokui
  Note: JP Voice Only.
Sakura Tsuzuki Tomoyo Kurosawa
  Note: JP Voice Only.